2 Hudson Square



Facade Area

404074 sq ft


New York, NY


Mixed Use


26 story ft

Project will give rise to a 26-story, 450,380-square-foot building designed by SHoP Architects. The trapezoidal plot is bound by Canal Street to the south, Varick Street to the west, Grand Street to the north, and Sullivan Street and Duarte Square to the east.

The main rendering depicts a conventionally shaped massing with the podium maintaining a fairly rectangular volume despite the unusual shape of the plot.

Landscaped setbacks are shown on the fifth, ninth, and 11th floors with a children’s playground located on the fifth-floor outdoor space. Most of the main tower itself appears uniform with structurally repetitive floor plates behind a curtain wall of floor-to-ceiling glass with dark terracotta mullions.

A final upper setback creates an angled wall just below the flat roof parapet and what looks like a small mechanical extension on the northern end of the pinnacle.

Housed inside will be a 444-seat public school for pre-kindergarten through fifth grade students with integrated community facilities spanning 77,100 square feet over five floors. Ground-floor entryways to the school will be positioned east toward Duarte Square. Class A office space is planned to occupy floors seven through 25, with the podium levels measuring 19,000 square feet per floor and the upper stories spanning 16,000 square feet apiece with 16-foot-high ceilings. There will be room for a dedicated private outdoor space for the penthouse tenant, along with a 2,000-square-foot communal rooftop terrace. The mechanical equipment would rest on the 26th story and parts of the sixth floor. The property will also feature 8,890 square feet of ground-floor retail space facing Canal and Varick Streets and Duarte Square Park.

Two Hudson Square is aiming for LEED Platinum certification for the core and shell construction, as well as WELL Platinum certification for the design and performance of the commercial office space.

InFacade’ scope of work include Thermal analysis: U-value calculation, Condensation resistance, SHGC and VT.

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