Reunion Square



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1500000 sq ft


Washington, DC





The Reunion Square development in Historic Anacostia, Washington, D.C., is a multi-phase project spanning eight acres. Let’s enhance the description further:

Reunion Square is strategically situated along Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue between Chicago and U Streets SE. This area, steeped in history, is undergoing a dynamic transformation.

The development embraces the rich heritage of Anacostia, contributing to the neighborhood’s revitalization.

Office Space: Reunion Square will offer approximately 950,000 square feet of office space at full build-out. This substantial commercial footprint aims to attract businesses, foster collaboration, and drive economic growth.

Neighborhood Retail: The project allocates 130,000 square feet for neighborhood-serving retail. These retail spaces will cater to residents’ daily needs, creating a vibrant streetscape.

Residential Diversity:

  • Market Rate Units: Reunion Square includes a mix of residential options. Some units will be available at market rates, accommodating a diverse community.
  • Affordable Housing: The development prioritizes affordable housing, ensuring inclusivity and addressing housing equity.
  • Senior Living: Additionally, affordable senior living units will support an aging population.

Department of Health Headquarters: Reunion Square will house the new headquarters for the District of Columbia Department of Health (DC Health). This facility plays a pivotal role in public health administration.

Hotel: A 120-room hotel will enhance the area’s hospitality offerings, welcoming visitors and tourists.

Cultural Enrichment: The project includes a new home for the Anacostia Playhouse, fostering artistic expression and community engagement.

Retail Variety: Approximately 140,000 square feet of retail space will host diverse services, contributing to the neighborhood’s vibrancy.

Community Collaboration:

  • Reunion Square represents a collaborative effort involving developers, local authorities, and community stakeholders.
  • As construction progresses, it promises to be a dynamic and inclusive urban destination, celebrating the spirit of Anacostia.

For more information, you can visit the official website: Reunion Square. The groundbreaking ceremony marks an exciting milestone in this transformative project.

Image credits: Courtesy of Reunion Square

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