100 Hood Park Drive



Facade Area

95000 sq ft


Charlestown, MA




7 Story ft

Hood Park Drive is a newly developed street with the modern and imaginative 100 Hood Park Drive serving as the visual and practical focal point. The layout fosters a relationship between the parking garage, the adjacent powerhouse, and expanded open public space.

The new seven-story building at 100 Hood Park Drive will contain over 900 parking spaces, 50,000 square feet of lab and 24,000 square feet of retail space and more than 40 bike storage spaces. The garage will also include a solar array on the rooftop and will be equipped with electric vehicle charging stations in 50 of the parking spaces.

95,000 sf New Construction of a 900-space parking garage structure and tenant space, incorporating 60,000 sf of lab-ready space and 20,000 sf ground floor retail space.

InFacade’ scope of work include Thermal analysis: U-value calculation, Condensation resistance, SHGC and VT.


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